Continuous Delivery – Martin Fowler, Jez Humble

Authors of my favorite book “Continuous delivery” present their ideas in this video. Ideas from “Continuous Delivery” by Martin Fowler, Jez Humble and “Agile ALM” by Michael Hüttermann will transform development organization for better.

Businesses rely on getting valuable new software into the hands of usersas fast as possible, while making sure that they keep their production environments stable. Continuous Delivery is a revolutionary and scalableagile methodology that enables any team, including teams within enterprise IT organizations, to achieve rapid, reliable releases throughbetter collaboration between developers, testers, DBAs and operations, and automation of the build, deploy, test and release process. We’ll start by discussing the value of CD to the business, inspired by the lean startup movement. We’ll then present the principles and practices involved in continuous delivery, including value stream mapping, the deployment pipeline, acceptance test driven development, zero-downtime releases, and incremental development. We’ll cover how CD is enabled by an ecosystem including Devops, cloud computing, agile testing, and continuous deployment. Finally we’ll talk about how continuous delivery can co-exist with ITIL and compliance in an enterprise environment.

Link to presentation

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