Six Amazon AWS Cloud Services you should know about

During the latest Amazon AWS summit 2012 in New York City I got a chance to look more closely into offering from Amazon Web Services,
what new and exciting, discover new user cases for existing services and learned how companies, big and small, start-ups and Fortune 100 use AWS services.
Keynote address was made by Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO, where he presented what Amazon team build during last year as well as where cloud computing is going.
People share their cloud adventures and benefit they got by moving their infrastructure into the cloud.
From software architecture perspective, my attention captured following products:

  1. Virtual Private Cloud and Direct Connect. VPC allow to run mixed environment consisted of your datacenter and EC2 instances. It makes amazon cloud just extension of your databacenter. Direct connect allows to have a dedicated fiberoptic line between amazon datacenter and your hosting provider. Very cool for the companies decided to keep some applications and data on premises and move some into Amazon cloud.

  2. Amazon DynamoDB. Are you playing with NoSQL solutions? Check out Amazon DynamoDB – scalable and fast key-value pair database. The best part – it guarantee low latency because data stored on SSD drives and hight availability because data simultaneously stored into different data centers across availability zones. Interesting pricing model as well.
  3. AWS Simple Workflow Service.Amazon Simple Workflow Service helps you build scalable, resilient applications and durable business process implementations.

  4. Amazon Marketplace. Just announced online store where customers can find, buy, and quickly deploy software that runs on AWS.
  5. Amazon CloudSearch. With this offering Amazon put their advanced search engine, that powered in hand of developers. Amazon CloudSearch is a fully-managed search service in the cloud that allows customers to easily integrate fast and highly scalable search functionality into their applications. This is a viable option for your search need outside of open-source lucene and lucene based products.
  6. Amazon Elastic MapReduce. This is basically a Hodoop cluster without all complexity of maintaining and running the Hadoop infrastructure. Very cool considering complexity of setting up Hadoop correctly.

    Amazon Elastic MapReduce

I encourage you to learn more about different Amazon web services, including mentioned above as well others like Elastic Beanstalk, Relational Database Service.
In my opinion Amazon enables software developers and engineers to concentrate on solving business problem, be innovators and find best solution instead of spending time on server maintenance, upgrades, backups and other routine jobs. It allow us to do what we enjoy the best – create innovative applications.

I lot of companies moved away from traditional data centers completely into cloud environment on amazon EC2.

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