Interesting Tweets for June in software development

This is a collection of most interesting tweets for the month of June.

  • It is no surprise that Scala is a hot topic these days from the business perspective and we’ve got two different investors asking me pretty much the same question: where Scala will be in 5 years? Nikita Ivanov, who knows and love Scala, make his prediction. ttp://
  • List of resources for web performance case studies. Very useful links for engineers and managers. Why web performance matter, traffic and web performace, mobile performance, Search engine optimization –
  • IBM developer Network published article about Mongo DB. In this article, you will learn about MongoDB, the open source, document-oriented database management system written in C++ that provides features for scaling your databases in a production environment.
  • 5 lessons every business should learn from MySpace’s spectacular collapse. Bloomberg Businessweek’s exhaustive and fascinating look back on the collapse of MySpace. Very interesting read.
  • With anecdotal evidence that Google paid 3.5 million to retail an engineer from going to Twitter, this article take a look if great People Are Overrated? Five great programmers can completely outperform 1,000 mediocre programmers?
  • And last one is Why You Should Learn COBOL

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