Video workshop on Agile Engineering Practices

This full day video workshop from Safari Books Online cover much of the topics that make evolutionary agile design possible, including Test-Driven Design, automation, and testing strategies.
The workshop presented by Neal Ford, who is a frequent writer and speaker. In 2009-10 he wrote a series of fifteen articles for IBM developerWorks which dug deeper into the question of evolutionary architecture and design. His topics included Test Driven Development, leveraging reusable code, refactoring towards design and Domain-Specific Languages.

Now he’s followed on from this and recorded a video workshop on Agile Engineering Practices for O’Reilly that’s available on safari books online.
I think this is excellent resource for teams who want to start agile practices.

Many people who explain agile software development often discuss project and planning practices, but hardly mention the development phase. In this insightful video, renowned software architect Neal Ford drills into the real details of agile engineering practices from a pure development perspective. Discover the development and design practices that make the agile approach work, the pros and cons of feedback mechanisms, and a host of related topics.


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